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A coalition of the state’s largest employer, industry and labor groups is calling on members of the New Jersey Legislature to support advanced recycling technology in the Garden State, calling it a “win-win” for both the environment and the economy.

NJBIA is part of the coalition supporting the legislation, A-1759, introduced by Assemblyman John McKeon (D-27). Advanced recycling refers to a highly engineered manufacturing process producing new virgin-equivalent plastics and chemicals, and is intended to complement traditional mechanical recycling efforts currently in use.

In a March 14 letter signed by NJBIA, the Chamber of Commerce Southern New Jersey, Chemistry Council of New Jersey, Commerce and Industry Association of New Jersey, Engineers Labor-Employer Cooperative (ELEC825), Flexible Packaging Association, Meadowlands Chamber of Commerce, the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce, New Jersey Food Council, and The Plastics Industry Association, the group said:

“Advanced recycling technology offers a wide range of benefits from improving and complementing traditional recycling systems to reducing the rate that plastics end up in landfills, helping to create cleaner communities in New Jersey. This technology has been readily deployed in other states across the country like New Hampshire, Texas, and Missouri, among others, and we must follow suit to not be left behind.

Moreover, advanced recycling’s ability to drive economic progress can be vital to New Jersey, creating hundreds of jobs throughout the state, and helping New Jersey avoid spending millions of dollars on plastic waste reduction annually. Plus, with plastics so prevalent in everyday necessities ranging from packaged food and bottled water to safe and sterile healthcare tools, advanced recycling can play a key role in community accessibility and safety.

With proper investments in advanced recycling, New Jersey can change the economic and environmental landscape globally, and as demand for plastic increases, New Jersey’s energy capacity can as well. It’s a win-win that benefits both our economy and the environment alike.

For us to reap the benefit of advanced recycling, our state legislators must be intentional about encouraging its development. We ask that you consider supporting advanced recycling legislation when it comes to the table and enact effective policies that encourage advanced recycling use so that we can drive New Jersey forward and reach our climate goals.”